The Event Accelerator Masterclass

We are fired up! Ready for the next chapter!

Courtney O'Shea (Director) extremely happy with The Event Accelerator Masterclass 3 day course!

Day 1: Adopting a mindset for success

On a bright, sunny Friday I made my way to Kia Oval in Kennington where the TEAM event was taking place. Upon arrival I was greeted by one of the VNV Live team members, taken in to the main room and waited alongside other participants for the day to begin.

Dean Carby (Director) from VNV Live welcomed us and started the three day course with a bang: Adopting a mindset for success. Dean spoke about his journey from starting as a DJ putting on parties to now running an AV production company and running events for individuals within the Wedding and Events industry.

Dean introduced the following speakers: Rory Peters (VNV Live business Strategist), Sotonye Deru (Founder of SD Weddings Management) and Taran O'Doherty (Director of YAHire). All speakers spoke about their journey within the events industry and how with the right mindset you can go from running a very small side hustle to a multimillion pound company doing 1000's of events per year.

Day 2: Event Planning, Design & Execution

On day 2, Dean Carby spoke to the group about event planning, design & execution and showed us step by step guides of how to make sure clients visions come to reality. Mary Yemi, founder of Event Decor Hire, spoke about her business of event decor and the steps it takes to go from providing decor for small events right up to corporate and high end luxury weddings.

After listening to Mary Yemi and Dean Carby, I took part in designing and building a moc wedding set up and they took us through the step by step process to make sure all design and decor is completed on time:

Day 3: Practical business tips to accelerate success

On day 3 i had the opportunity to listen to the following guest speakers:


Director of Opulence Events London

● Deep Bajwa is the Director Of Opulence Events London - Professional

Celebrity Wedding & Events Planners

● Deep has been in the wedding industry for 10 years and has grown from

working with her very first budget of £7k to het biggest of £1.2m!

● Opulence Events London has been featured in Hello! Magazine, The

Daily Mail, The Metro, Khush Magazine, Loose Women, Good Morning

Britain, Sky News, The BBC Asian Network, BBC Radio 2 and more.

● Deep is also the owner of “The Luxury Wedding Lounge” a community

created to provide advice, tips, training and strategies form female run

business in the wedding industry who want to break through into the

lucrative Luxury Wedding market.

Deep provided great advice on how to treat clients and build a relationship with them. The tips provided were extremely useful and she demonstrated exactly why she has gone from organising events of a couple thousand of pounds to over a million.


Founder Of Trademark Wizards

● Oliver Oguz is a trademark and intellectual property guru and

master. He has worked for a lot of household names including

Alan Sugar, Warren Buffet and many more protecting the

business and interests,

● Intellectual Property (IP) is probably one of the most underrated

business assets with many people in business not understanding

it’s power. Oliver understands IP and now educates why

trademarking your business is of an enormous importance.

● He gives inspiring real life examples of how the ownership or lack

of ownership of a trademark could really influence and affect your

business making your business name a real asset or liability to it’s


Oliver shared the importance of trademarking your business and laying a solid foundation for your business to grow on. Many businesses fail as a result of not trademarking and becoming bankrupt as a result of another company trademarking their name and logo.


Director of Event HR

● Soniamarie is the Director of Event HR, a HR consultancy

service for the weddings and events industry. She is a fully

qualified HR Consultants with 18-years experience

supporting business with everything HR oriented.

● Coupled with her 10 years of organising and planning

weddings and events, plus running her own wedding

planning business - Soniamarie Loves, she understands

both sides of the coin.

● Event HR services include legally compliant contract

templates, one to one HR coaching, HR training and an HR

advice line, plus bespoke support with people management.

Soniamarie shared the importance of making sure your business is compliant with the law and provided a run through of the steps you need to take in order to make sure your company is set up the right way to benefit the company and the clients they work with.

Overall, attending the TEAM event was really beneficial and has enabled AV365 to have a stronger foundation to build upon in order to continue to provide a great service to current and future clients.

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